Sep 16, 2013

Autumn is coming...

I am so ready for Fall! The last two days have been rainy, and we even got some thunder. Part of why I'm ready for fall is because I love wearing boots and soft cowls when I go out, rainy days (yes, I love the rain), and the tree's all begin to change color. Plus it means it's close to Halloween and I get to dress up soon! So I guess you could say I'm really happy it's almost Fall.

I hope to start doing more writing and drawing this fall because I haven't been doing as much as I would like to. I've seen on Pinterest the 30 drawing challenges and want to do one soon. But I'll probably end up making up my own challenges because I haven't really found one that I like very much.

I'll also be doing more knitting, and I want share some of my patterns I've made throughout the past. I've found that I really like knitting, even more than crocheting, so that's pretty much what I've been doing lately. Last month I spent somewhere around 90 hours on the embroidery for my Marion Ravenwood costume so I could wear it to Vintage Aircraft Weekend at the end of last month.

My Marion costume from Raiders of the Lost Ark. That's about half the embroidery compared to the real costume.
I havn't worked on the embroidery at all this month because I keep putting it off. After you spend that much time on embroidery in one month you don't ever want to pick up a hoop again.

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