Nov 21, 2013

NaNoWriMo Update

When NaNoWriMo started I was really excited and slightly intimidated. I've never written anything near 50,000 words in a novel in any amount of time. But because I like a challenge and want to become a better writer, I decided to do it anyways. And now I'm on day 21 with 35,072 words written. For the first time since I started I'm feeling really good and I really think I'm going to make it!

My days this month have been going something like this. Wake up, set up my laptop at the dining room table next to my sisters, make hot chocolate, put my ear buds in and crank the music up, and write. And write, and write. And someday's just stare at the screen and hope words will come into my mind for me to type.

Last week I was having some writers block and just didn't know what to write. Some how I made it through the week with hitting par everyday. Until the weekend came. During the weekend I didn't want to write anything and I ended up writing only about 900 words during the whole weekend instead of the 3,200 I should have written. Instead I spent my time working on a costume mock up and reading. Which I enjoyed immensely since I haven't have much time for either one this month.

This week I had to play catch up, and yesterday I finally did catch up and I'm back on track. Now I've also got the plot moving along and I'm not having writers block, which I am very thankful for! I'm really glad I plotted most of the story line last month, otherwise I would be completely lost.

But even though I did plot out my story last month, I didn't plot the third part out as well as I wished I could have. I mostly had the details needed for the mystery to be solved, but other than that there wasn't much. I've been keeping the index cards I wrote them on in a box, and whenever I don't know what to write I go to that box which I've been calling my "Plot Box". It's been very, very helpful!

There's only 9 days left until I will (hopefully) be able to say I've written a novel! And in a month none the less!


  1. Oh, sheesh, you're doing way better than I am! :D I think I've written about half to three-quarters as many words as you have. *sigh* Oh well. You've devoted a little more time to yours, I can tell. Hope you finish it!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I've been spending a lot of time writing this month. Good luck on your NaNoWriMo!