Nov 13, 2013

Seed Stitch Cowl

I was out shopping for yarn for Christmas gifts and decided to get this yarn for myself because I liked the color so much. I've been wanting to make a seed stitch cowl since I came across a picture of one on Pinterest a long time ago. I just never had any yarn in a color that I thought it would look good in. So when I bought this yarn I decided to finally make that cowl!

When I started I looked for a pattern but just decided on making my own because it was simpler that way. I'm going to write up a pattern for it as soon as it's finished. I've been working on it for few days and it's close to complete. I've been busy with NaNo this month so I haven't been able to work on it as much as I would've liked to, but it's still going quickly.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful! I love that color, it is so pretty!