Dec 4, 2013


It's December which means Christmas is just around the corner. It also means lots of Christmas decorations, cold weather, hot cocoa, and Christmas lights. And that means lots of pictures! I love taking bokeh pictures of all the lights. Last night I got out the Christmas decoration's and lights and decked my room with 'em all while listening to Christmas music.

This is my desk area where I've been spending a lot of time lately doing a bit of drawing. I was just messing around with my camera last night and thought this picture turned out kind of cool.

Here's my latest drawing I've done. Just in case you don't already know, it's Rapunzel from Tangled.

It's been so cold here and we had some hail and some slush the other day, but so far no snow. But I like cold weather, it means I get to wear cozy gloves, scarves, and cowls. And I get to drink lot's of hot chocolate. : )


  1. Wow, good drawing of Rapunzel! And I love those pictures! I'm hoping to get some myself this year. I've never done Christmas light pictures before.

  2. Thanks, Bluebelle! Christmas photo's are always really fun. :)