Jan 29, 2014

Dressing a Galaxy

I just realized that I never posted about when I got Dressing a Galaxy. Well, here it is. I've wanted this book since I first found the simplified version at our library. Dressing a Galaxy by Trisha Biggar is the most amazing book ever. Period. This book is about the costumes from the prequel trilogy of Star Wars, but it does have some of the costumes from the original trilogy as well. It has beautiful pictures of the costumes, and closeups of the details, Trisha talks a little about the process of making them, and it's just fantastic!

Like I said before, I first found the simplified version at the library, and after I looked through it I knew I had to have this book. So I went online and did some research. Turns out they only published 2,500, and 1,000 of those were signed by Trisha Biggar herself. 

The ones that were signed by Trisha came with more that just a book though. They came with fabric swatches from the same bolts of material they used on the actual costumes, they also came with a few other booklets which I didn't know much about. Frankly, I didn't really care. I just wanted the main book and the fabric swatches.

After doing a little more research I found out that Dressing a Galaxy cost about $300 off Amazon at the time (for the one with all the extra goodies). I kept it on my list of things to buy and kept checking the book out from the library until then. Well, then the library got rid of Dressing a Galaxy. I was so bummed when they did that!

A few months passed by and I checked Amazon and found someone selling Dressing a Galaxy for only $200, so I bought it. And it is amazing! I love this book so much I can't even put words to it. So without further ado, here are some pictures.

The book ended up being way bigger and heavier than I thought it would be. I think it weighs around ten pounds or something. It came in a box wrapped with Japanese silk with the Naboo symbol on the front.

On the right side of the box was Dressing a Galaxy and underneath were the rest of the little booklets that came with it.

And on the left side was all this. From top to bottom and left to right, Wookie belt replica, certificate of authenticity, DVD containing videos of them making some of the costumes, and a swatch of fabric from the same bolt of material they used for Darth Vader's cape.

It's so cool to get to touch the same material they used for Vader's cape!

The video's on this DVD are so awesome! Did you know that until Revenge of the Sith, Darth Vader's mask wasn't symmetrical? I didn't know that either until I watched that video on the DVD. It has a few other video's which I've seen on YouTube such as Costume Drama's and P19 (which are awesome videos too!).

Okay, moving into the book. This is the first page in the book, which is where Trisha Biggar signed it and labeled which copy this was.

At the beginning of each chapter they put in a lot of the concept art.

It even came with Padme paper dolls. How cute is that?!

This is the small section with the main costumes from the original trilogy as I said earlier.

Here's some of the original trilogy costume pictures.

This was one of the other books it came with. It's filled with pictures of all the animated characters from the movies.

And now for the fabric swatches. Drum roll please!

And here's a better look at the fabric from Vader's cape.

This book is definitely worth the money if you love Star Wars and it's fabulous costumes!

Jan 28, 2014

Sewing Inspiration for Spring & Summer

Most of the sewing I do is sewing costumes, so I don't really get to wear those everyday (unfortunately). But  I've started collecting some free skirt patterns/tutorials on Pinterest and would like to start sewing more everyday clothes.

I've really been loving Kellie's skirts that she has in her Etsy shop, especially her tulle skirts.

Tulle Skirt // Crinoline - Autumn Ivory Bridal Skirt

I came across a few tutorials on for making your own tulle skirts, which I really want to do soon!


I also really like this style skirt and I already have a sewing pattern that's almost identical to this.
pleated denim skirt

I also really like this one, and it even has a tutorial!

The next few skirts don't have any patterns or tutorials, they're just for inspiration.


summer wardrobe perfection

Jan 26, 2014

Geocaching Adventures

 The last few days have been pretty nice outside (though they've still been a bit cold) and yesterday we decided to get out and do one of our favorite outdoor activities, Geocaching. Just as a quick warning this post has a lot of photo's! One of my goals this year is to take more pictures.