Mar 14, 2014

Current Novels

I've been spending a lot of time lately working on my novels. I've been editing my novel from NaNoWriMo, which has had a lot of facepalm moments. I know I was on a time crunch to write 50,000 in 30 days, but seriously? Some of it's been really, really awful.

But still, I learned a lot on that novel. I learn how to sit down and actually write even if I what I write is horrible. I learned to not go back and edit, otherwise I'll never move on.

But I've started another novel which I have a goal of writing 40,000 words for by April 14th. I might change the end date though because I haven't plotted the whole thing out yet. I'm working on that now, but I needed to get started.

I wrote the prologue for it which ended up being a bit longer than I had expected. It was 2.5 pages long which might not seem that long, but I had expected it to be only 1 page long.

I also finished reading the first book in the Hand of Thrawn duology by Timothy Zahn, Specter of the Past. It. Was. Amazing. I started the second book immediately, which is twice as long (694 pages). I can't wait to finish it! Zahns writing is just spectacular. I like to call him the Emperor of Star Wars novels. :)

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