Mar 7, 2014

It takes time

I saw this quote on someone elses blog today and I just relate with it so much. I decided I would put it on a picture I took last night of the sunset.

 I've been through this with so many things. There are times when I'm so inspired by something created by someone else and I want to go and recreate what they made even though I'm unfamiliar with whatever art they used to do it. A good example with me is costuming.

I wrote a post not long ago about my costuming journey and how I knew what I wanted to make only I didn't have the skills to do so. I wanted to just rush in and start making dresses and elaborate costumes even though I only knew the basics. I've been working for years on my sewing now and I'm by no means a professional, but I know what I'm doing and I can make those costumes I always wanted. But it took time to learn even thought I wanted to rush right in and take up a big project.

I know its hard to do this, but you have to slow down and take your time. It's not going to happen overnight, but as long as you keep practicing, even if its just a little bit everyday over even once a week, it's okay because you're doing what you can. And then that one day when you finally reach the goal that got you started in the first place, it will be wonderful. You won't regret the fact that it took so long, you will be glad that you took your time instead of rushing in and getting frustrated when it didn't turn out the way you planned. I know this from experience.

So don't worry, you'll get there soon. Until then, keep going.

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  1. This is a really good post sweetheart... knowing the process you have been through, I know that these words of encouragement you wrote come from the growth you have experienced within. I love you sweet daughter!