Apr 9, 2014

The Family from Georgia

A few years ago we met the McAndrew's online through the Lifestyle of Learning forums and after a while of following each other's blogs we all became friends of Facebook. A while after that Sereina and Morgan started video chatting and I sat in a few too.

About a year ago they announced that they wanted to move up to Washington from Georgia. They were finally able to move up here a few weeks ago, and so we've all been excited to finally meet in person.

Friday came around and we ended up driving down to Seattle. Our original plans didn't work out so we met at Starbucks to figure out exactly what we wanted to do.

 Sereina and Morgan meeting in person for the first time.

We ended up driving to a park not too far away.

And this was the view of Seattle from the park we were at.

It was pretty windy and cold, and there was lots of people taking pictures of people taking pictures of you taking pictures of them taking pictures of you if you know what I mean.

And here's the two photographers in their natural habitat and acting very much like what they are... photographers.

Morgan was very happy to find a warm spot.

Later we went to the docks a few minutes away and hung out there for the next hour.

Sereina, Morgan, Yulia, and I headed up to a hill overlooking the docks. While we were heading up Yulia raced ahead, so I raced after her. She raced up again and I followed again. We reached the top when she told me that she was racing ahead to try and get a picture of me coming up the steps. Oops. :)

While we were there they opened the docks. Here they're letting the water from the upper dock out.

And eventually the gates opened.

Not too long after that we all headed back to the cars and said our goodbye's before heading home. 

And that was the day we met the McAndrew's and became 'real life' friends.

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  1. Very fun! I'm glad you got to meet them in person!