May 29, 2014

Ordinary things captured

One of my goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year was to take more pictures and to work on my photography skills. So far this year I've learned how to use my aperture on my camera and I've been working on remembering to use the exposure as well. Just these two things have improved my photo's a lot.

Anyways, here's some pictures I've had sitting around on my computer for a while which I thought were blog worthy. They're just ordinary everyday things, but I think they made some for some neat pictures.

I finally got my autographed playbill hung up. :P

May 15, 2014

I got a hair cut!

For the past 4 years or so I've been growing my hair out. My goal length was long enough for me to do a crown braid, which I finally achieved just a few weeks ago. Well, I also realized around that same time that my hair was very damaged.

Whenever I put my hair in a braid I had tons of hairs sticking out of it from every angled up and down the whole braid. So I decided I needed to cut my hair and take better care of it. I ended up cutting off about 10 or 11 inches, which is more than I realized I had!

Here's a before shot...

... And here's an after shot.

I also got bangs as well, which I've been meaning to get for a while. I let mine grown out and haven't had a chance to get them cut in a long time.

My hair has always been hard to curl and during the last few years I've noticed that even with the heat less curls, such as sponge curls, my hair still wouldn't curl. I thought it was just the way my hair was, but I've read in multiple places that damaged hair wont curl.

But I was actually able to curl my hair with a curling iron! I also did my hair in sponge curls last night, and they turned out perfect. My hair is also super easy to wash now. Now I have to get used to not having my hair in the way of things. So far there have been many, many times that I've reflexively gone to move my hair out of the way, but then I realize hey, I don't have anything to move! It's pretty strange.

I love my new hair and am going to work really hard on keeping it as healthy as I can as I grow it out again. I want to write up some posts in the future about what I'm doing. Hopefully I'll remember to do that. ;)

May 9, 2014

Instagram+General Update

So, I joined Instagram a few weeks back and just realized I never announced it here. I'm on Instagram! There, now you know. :)

So it's been spring/summer about every other day. Yeah, that's typical Washington, fickle. One day its 80 degrees and sunny, the next day its in the 50's and rainy.

Today I spend the majority of my day sewing. I made a mock up for some 40's trousers and blouse for an event next week. I've been procrastinating as to weather I should actually make the outfit or work on another costume. And the last few days I haven't been motivated to sew for some reason. But I decided if I was going to do this I'd better get started.

But it went well and I think this is the first time I'll be using a commercial pattern without modifying it. 'Tis a strange experience indeed.

Also, my business Redberry Supply has been keeping me busy. I've almost hit 500 sales on Etsy, so I'm super excited about that!

Last week was May the Fourth (AKA Star Wars day) which was awesome! I have some pictures to share if I ever get them off my camera.

May 2, 2014

I'm in Print!

Yes, I'm in print! I got my novel Stateroom 2032 printed!

I had to put a publisher's icon on it, so I created my own publishing company. Pacific Pink Publishing. :)

The novel is about 200 pages long, which is really exciting because I never thought I'd actually have a novel printed. The day after I placed the order I realized I should have put more than just the novel, things like a dedication page and that sorta thing. Oh well, I know for next time. But I'm going to sign them so one day when I'm famous they'll be worth a fortune. ;D

Quick note. I re-designed my blog. What you think?