May 9, 2014

Instagram+General Update

So, I joined Instagram a few weeks back and just realized I never announced it here. I'm on Instagram! There, now you know. :)

So it's been spring/summer about every other day. Yeah, that's typical Washington, fickle. One day its 80 degrees and sunny, the next day its in the 50's and rainy.

Today I spend the majority of my day sewing. I made a mock up for some 40's trousers and blouse for an event next week. I've been procrastinating as to weather I should actually make the outfit or work on another costume. And the last few days I haven't been motivated to sew for some reason. But I decided if I was going to do this I'd better get started.

But it went well and I think this is the first time I'll be using a commercial pattern without modifying it. 'Tis a strange experience indeed.

Also, my business Redberry Supply has been keeping me busy. I've almost hit 500 sales on Etsy, so I'm super excited about that!

Last week was May the Fourth (AKA Star Wars day) which was awesome! I have some pictures to share if I ever get them off my camera.

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