Jun 4, 2014

Fire Pit

One of the best parts about summer is having fires. Weather I'm camping or we're just having one in our backyard, it's one of my favorite parts of summer. Last Friday we had our good friends, the Pletichas over for an evening of hanging out, sitting around a fire, and having a good time.

Our neighbors have a plum (at least we think they're plums) tree. Every year around this time we start to find the plums and if we're brave enough we eat them. They're so bitter! Even during the summer they're almost unbearable to eat. We usually end up squishing them with out bikes instead. :P

But Daniel decided to be brave and try one. This was his reaction after taking a small bite.

Once again I tried to get some decent photo's of our cats, but they do everything they can to ruin my pictures of them. Taking pictures of cats usually goes something like this - *kitty is in perfect picture position* You lean down and right before you snap the photo they look away. Cats....

After the cat moved and I was still on the ground I saw the base of this tree and thought it was a neat perspective.

I like lens flares. :D

Whenever we had a fire pit we like to have some food, usually desert. I love these cinnamon muffins. I could eat a million of them.

We headed down to the forest to look for some marshmallow skewers/roasting sticks. We ended up hanging down there for a while.

Like I said, I like lens flares.

Ellie and Alina. I really have no idea what they're doing right there.

And finally, the fire! We ended up playing charades, which was really fun. It's one of the best fire pit games.

Whenever we get together for a fire pit with the Pletichas, Ellie, Alina, and I always end up in the front yard star gazing. It's sort of become a tradition.

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