Jun 1, 2014

The Trip to Canada {Part 1}

Last week my grandma came up from California and stayed with us for a week and while she was here she took us all up to Canada. I've been to Canada before but I wasn't that old and I don't remember much, and Sereina has been wanting to go up there again for a while now so we were all really excited!

We just did a 1 nighter, leaving early on Thursday morning and coming back Friday evening.

Feet shot from before we left. We were all so excited!

Sereina was sad that her passport didn't have any stamps.

Daniel and Grandma.

There was a massive amount of picture taking on this trip. :)

At the Canadian border.

Probably the best place we went to was Stanley Park. It was huge and there was so much to see. I think we only saw a tiny portion of it, but we know where to spend most of our time when we go back .

Daniel was doing his Sherlock imitation.

Daddy and Grandma.

And then we found a swing set. All of us kids love to swing, especially Sereina. I got some interesting photo's of her.

I just thought this tree look really neat.

That night for dinner we went to this great little restaurant with the best pizza! We also got some of their pie, which was also really good! After that we headed to our hotel. I have t say that that was one of the funnest parts of the trip.

We didn't stay in a fancy hotel or anything, but we had so much fun talking to each other on the phones since we had 2 rooms. We were on the phones for a long time telling lame jokes and having really weird conversations. It was a lot of fun.

I'll be posting part 2 with the rest of the pictures soon. 

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