Jul 20, 2014


like love the color pink.

I'm a bit of a Sci Fi nut.

I like writing even if I'm not the best at it.

Costumes are my passion.

I love to dance.

I will never pass up a chance to dress up.

One day I want to see the world.

The only kind of Rock I like is 50's Rock.

I think old things are the best.

I love all things girly yet my favorite movies are Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

I have way too many books to read.

I love to stargaze.

I like to draw.

I love the rain.

I listen to music all day every day.

I like tall boots.

I like reading the original fairy tales of my favorite Disney movies.

One day I want to be a Civil War reenactor.

My favorite singer is either Frank Sinatra or Michael Buble.

Pizza is my favorite food.

I love R+H's Cinderella on Broadway.

Jul 14, 2014

A Day at the Falls and the Never Ending Hike

Last week we got together with the McAndrew's again after not seeing them for over 2 months. We went to go see the Snoqualmie Falls and later to hike up to Denny Creek together.


Via Sereina
Via Morgan

We took a fairly short, but steep hike down to the base of the falls.
Via Sereina

There's always lots of photobombing when we get together with the McAndrew's!

After we hiked back up we had lunch, talked, and played ninja.
Via Sereina
Via Sereina
After that we headed off to Denny Creek.
This is just a creek we passed along the way.

We had some time to pass while the dads figured out the parking pass, so we climbed on tree stumps and Daniel and Matt got into some sort of invisible weapons battle.

And then finally we started on the '20' minute hike. About 20 minutes into it we started asking Sereina (who had planned the hike) how much farther. She said we should be almost there and then 10 minutes later we still weren't there. 10 more minutes of hiking and we still weren't there. It ended up taking close to an hour to get there, and it was really hot and parts of the hike were really steep!

But we did finally make it, only to find the water way too cold to get really wet it. It was like glacier water, and for anyone who's never been in glacier water, it's like as cold as water can get without freezing.

After that we headed back to the car and ended up going to XXX Root Beer, which has like the best root beer in the world! We played telephone, quack-dilli-oso, more ninja, and for like the last hour we were playing concentration.
Via Morgan
Via Morgan
Via Morgan

Jul 8, 2014


Drawing is something I've always done since I was little. Like pretty much everyone I use to draw stick people and little oval cats and dogs when I was younger. I was never particularly talented in that area. When I was a little older I began drawing horses, and that became my default. I have tons of drawings of horses.

When I was drawing them I thought they looked perfect and exactly like my picture reference. A few years ago I was looking through those drawings and I wondered how I could have thought that. I continued to draw, but all I could see in my work were the imperfections and how off the drawings were.

I put drawing down for a while and didn't do much except for occasional drawings. But then Tangled came out and I found the book The Art of Tangled which is filled with all the beautiful concept art for the film.

The book contained a bunch of simple sketches of Rapunzel by Glen Keane. Well, one day I decided to try my best to copy them. I did what was my best at the time, and I was proud of them. This was what started me on my art journey.

Here are the sketches I did. I've learned a lot since then and now when I look at these I see all sorts of things I did wrong. But at the time this was the best I knew, and all in all I think they were pretty good.

I continued to copy drawings from that book and I leanred a few things about drawing just from copying. After a while I decided that I really wanted to improve and I ordered some books from the library.

The book that was most helpful was Secrets to Drawing Realistic Faces. I learned so much from this book and my art has improved tremendously since reading it! Another thing I like to do is watch speed drawings and paintings on YouTube. I've learned a lot of techniques by watching other artists.

Here's another one of my earlier drawings.

I began to learn about proportions and drawing what's actually there and not what I think is there (it's kind of hard to explain quickly). I think those are the two most important things every artist needs to know and knowing them will help tremendously.

Here are some of my most recent drawings and digital paintings.
Elsa - Digital

Tinker Bell - Digital

Anna - Pencil

Elsa - Pencil

Peggy Carter - Pencil

I'm very proud of how far I've come without having any art lessons. But I still want to improve my art and I'm still learning.

Do you like to draw?

Jul 1, 2014

Life is Sweet!

Wow, I feel like it's been forever since I've posted anything here. But enough of that.

Summer is officially here, in both temperature and date wise. I'm not gonna lie, I'm melting right now! I've been spending a bit of time down at the creek next to our house. It's always much cooler down there under the canopy of tree's, plus there's a creek to play in. :)

I recently got a phone, so I've been taking most of my pictures with that lately. So if they pictures are a little low on quality, that's my explanation.


A few weeks ago we went to the park with some friends who we haven't seen in a long time. Lilly and I have been chatting online lately, and we've had some interesting conversations. Things always get a little crazy when we're together, weather we're in person or online.

Just to give you a little idea of what I mean, here's one of our conversations we had not too long ago.

So my siblings and I were hanging out in the front yard having a sort of picnic (except we didn't exactly have any food) a few weeks ago. I had just gotten my new phone and Alina and Daniel got my mom and dad's old phones, so we were still playing around with them a lot.

There was a lot of picture taking, and well. This just sorta happened.

Summer isn't persay my favorite time of year, but it's always fun getting wet. Besides, summer heat is a great excuse to buy lots of ice cream!