Jul 20, 2014


like love the color pink.

I'm a bit of a Sci Fi nut.

I like writing even if I'm not the best at it.

Costumes are my passion.

I love to dance.

I will never pass up a chance to dress up.

One day I want to see the world.

The only kind of Rock I like is 50's Rock.

I think old things are the best.

I love all things girly yet my favorite movies are Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

I have way too many books to read.

I love to stargaze.

I like to draw.

I love the rain.

I listen to music all day every day.

I like tall boots.

I like reading the original fairy tales of my favorite Disney movies.

One day I want to be a Civil War reenactor.

My favorite singer is either Frank Sinatra or Michael Buble.

Pizza is my favorite food.

I love R+H's Cinderella on Broadway.

1 comment:

  1. Star Wars isn't girly?! Nobody told me that growing up. Pretty places, pretty lightsabers.... :)