Sep 23, 2014

It's NaNo Season!

It's that time of year again; NaNoWriMo prep season! I've been working on my plot and characters for this years novel since the first of this month. I'm so excited for this year! Since it's my second year I know what to expect and know how to prepare myself (AKA, plot out my ENTIRE novel).

Anyways, I got a little ahead of myself and made a cover for my novel, Off Course. I found I liked making book covers, so I made one for my sister and a few for my other stories too.

Okay, premise of the story. It's about a group of astronaut that are a mission to Neptune when they get transported to another galaxy. That's the simple version, it's pretty complicated.

This is one I've been working on off and on for a couple years now. It's sort of like Sleeping Beauty, except not. It's kind of complicated. Again... :P

Okay, this one's simple!  It's a historical accurate version of Cinderella set in 1866 (still have to decide weather it's set in America or England though).

If you're also participating in NaNoWriMo, my username is Tiarab15, so be sure to add me!


  1. I like your book covers. Great job!

  2. Fun covers, Tiana! I especially like the one for Off Course! Quick thought: if you want to make it easier to share what your stories are about, learn about story loglines. I've got to work on them, too. :) Have fun during NaNo! And, hey, if you want a quick-ish writing exercise to get your writer juices flowing for NaNo, I'd love to have you join my flash fiction contest!

  3. Also, what program do you use to create your covers?

    1. Thanks! I just use Photoshop CS5.

    2. Okay, thanks! I've been messing around with the process in Jasc Paint Shop Pro, and it's been a bit frustrating. So, I thought I'd ask. :)