Oct 29, 2014

Starting Fresh

Ah, where to begin. Okay, so I've been having a hard time with blogging lately. I've just sorta felt like it's a lot of work to find something to write about, then to actually write it up, editing pictures, and in the end only have a few people read it (and most of those people being my family). I think every blogger likes to dream about having a million followers one day. I just sorta got lost in that idea. I thought that because my blog only has 7 followers it meant I wasn't doing it right. That my life was boring. Because lets face it, I don't live an exciting life all the time. I have my moments though.

But I'm going to start over. From this point on I'm going to post whenever I feel like it with no pressure. I'm going to post about my ordinary and most of the time boring life. I'm going to share what's going on with me and not worry about weather other people think it's amazing or not. Weather my posts are filled with lots of pictures or is just a paragraph or two long.

I've wanted to get back to blogging for so long but haven't because of these things. But that all ends now. I'm going to finish this post up with a quick little catch up and then I resume normal posts about my life.

  • In August I discovered Phantom of the Opera and am now a huge Phan and a bit of a Broadway fanatic.
  • Some friends had a costume party on the 25th, which was super fun! My friend Elie, my brother Daniel and I performed a skit at the party. Our skit was Rapunzel (because we're so creative when it comes to titles) and was basically a spoof on the original fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. Oh, and I also went as Rose Tyler from Doctor Who (you can learn more about that on my costume blog)
  • We got to go to the Seattle Opera for an open house type thing and I discovered I may like opera. I'm still waiting till I actually see one before I can say for sure. ;P
  • I just got another Star Wars costume book. The book, Star Wars Costumes: The Original Trilogy, just came out yesterday, and I was so excited to get it the day it came out. It's awesome! There's a ton to read in it, and so far I've only flipped through the pages to look at all the costumes.
  • I've started planning my graduation party for next year. I'm going to have a Phantom of the Opera themed Masquerade! I'm so excited! It's going to be so much fun!

Just a little warning, it could be a day or  weeks from now until my next post. I'll just post whenever I have the time.