Nov 30, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend

Happy delayed Thanksgiving, everyone! This past week has been a really busy, but awesome week! I finished my novel for NaNoWriMo on the 25th by writing approximately 7,000 words that day. I always like to have my novel done before Thanksgiving and the 25th just sounded like a good day. And when I say always, I mean since last year, LOL. Last year was my first year doing NaNoWriMo and I kinda set a standard for myself.

Thanksgiving was awesome! The day started out as every Thanksgiving does, with watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade while going through the adds in the newspaper to decide what shops to hit the next morning. The last few years I've started getting interested in Broadway (even more so  these last few months) and always love watching the previews for the shows. I had 'New York, New York' from 'On the Town' stuck in my head all day Thursday and Friday.

We had friends over, played games, talked a lot, laughed even more, took some interesting pictures (mostly of me), ate a ton of Turkey, played Wii, had pie and root bear floats, and watched football. One of the great Thanksgivings.

Friday my sister had to go to work at 3 in the morning, so my mom and other sister decided we would just go with her to drop her off and get to the mall early. I woke up at 2 that morning, and needless to say I was pretty tired by noon.

I ended up getting some good deals though. I got 3 sweaters from J.C.Penny's for only $21, and they're my favorite sweaters! I bought some last year as well, so now I'm all stocked up on sweaters. I also found a bunch of awesome deals at Fred Meyers like boots, socks, and Christmas lights for my graduation party. Oh yeah, I also got a ton of free doughnuts. I also found a new art supply store which had Prismacolor pencils half off.

Later that afternoon we went to see our friends who were visiting from Idaho. It was so fun to see them in person again. We do a video chat every week to keep in touch though.

And guess what? We got snow! Saturday I woke up exhausted and feeling a bit sick, so I stayed home while the rest of my family went to decorate the Historic Flight Foundation's Christmas tree. I ended up watching White Christmas and having a Star Trek TNG marathon. It's been a long time since I've watched Star Trek and I forgot how much I love it.

I also got to test out my new colored pencils. I decided to draw Rapunzel since I could sketch it out pretty quick. I'm not use to working with color and don't have the proper blending tools right now, but all in all I think it turned out pretty good.

I pulled out my record player today and have been listening to my Christmas records for the first time. I bought a Barbra Streisand Christmas record at a garage sale earlier this year. It's my favorite Christmas record. I just love Barbra Streisand.

One last thing. The first Star Wars The Force Awakens teaser was released on Friday. If you haven't seen it yet, go watch it. Like right now. I may have screamed a little when I saw the Falcon. ;)

How was your Thanksgiving?

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