Jan 14, 2015

My last day of being a "kid"

Yes, today is my last day as a kid. Yes, tomorrow is my 18th birthday. Let me catch y'all up to date with the rest of my life since I'm horrible at blogging consistently. :P

On the 2nd I started my first "real" job. I'm working for a local company called Innovative Advancement as a buyer. I get to work from home (which is awesome!) and I work for 4 hours a day 4 days a week.

So far it's going really good, except for the neck and back pain that comes from a desk job. I'm trying different things and will hopefully figure out a comfortable way to work soon.

I finally got back to working on my wig for my Christine costume. I had to rip out 7 rows of wefting from the wig and hand stitch new wefts in. When I tried on the wig I found I stitched them in too tight and had to rip them all out and stitch them back in again. The good side though is that I didn't have to re-cut any of wefts since I had measured them from the originals. That would have been a REAL mess if I hadn't!

Sorry for the poor quality But here's a sneak peek of the wig (it is SO long)

So basically I've had hair all over my room for the past few months. Yeah...

This year I really want to work on my drawing skills. I'm a decent artist but I want to be better. I have a hard time drawing without a reference and I think that's the main thing I'm going to work on this year.
My first drawing of 2015 - Charlotte from the Princess and the Frog

I haven' done any big drawing projects yet this year, but I've been filling up my sketch books with all sorts of things. I need to get pictures of my sketch books to share.

I also started watching Psych. I haven't been able to stop watching it and I've even got my brother and sister into it *evil grin*. I love mystery shows and I love it when they add a little (or a lot) of humor. It reminds me of Monk, which is another amazing mystery/comedy.

Okay, back to the matter at hand. My birthday,...

So everyone has been asking me "what are you doing for your birthday" and the truth is I have no idea. Let me explain a little. What I really want is the Microsoft Fitness Band. The only thing is it's $200. So I told everyone that I would be okay with doing absolutely nothing if they all pitched in to get it for me.

They won't tell me if they've been able to pull it off or not, so basically I don't know what I'm going to do. I do know that I'm going to the mall to get my free Starbucks and Red Mango. My voice teacher told me I should get a lotto ticket, so I'm gonna do that too. Oh, and I might enter a sweepstakes or two as well.

I don't know, we'll see what the day holds. But for now, this is farewell. The next post on this blog shall be written by an adult. See ya then!