Dec 1, 2016

November Favorites 2016 | Kelly Clarkson, Titanic, and Studio C!

November Favorites!

-Chris Mann's album Constellations. I started listening to this durring NaNoWriMo, and I had listened to a few of his songs before (I saw him in Phantom of the Opera when they were in Seattle last year, but I hadn't listened to any of his music before then) but this November I couldn't stop listening to him. His stuff sounds the best when listening with headphones, just FYI.

-Kelly Clarkson's Christmas album, Wrapped in Red. I'm kinda obsessed with it this year.

-Twinkle lights in my bedroom, though they don't actually twinkle.

-Titanic. Alina and I watched it for the first time and for some reason that neither of us can identify, we're both kind of obsessed. Going into it I had expected it to be kind of... awful. And there were parts that were, but as a whole it was really well put together (plus we saw a ton of actors we knew from other shows). I still can't get over the colors and how sharp the close up shots were...

-Donwton Abbey. I finally started watching, like more than an episode here and there, and I'm so completely obsessed. The setting, the characters, the stories (for the most part), and the costumes. The COSTUMES. It's so beautifully put together. I'm in the middle of the last season and I don't want it to be over.

-Meeting the cast of Sudio C. Yep. That was pretty awesome. I had no idea what to say to them, which didn't really matter since I didn't end up having an opportunity to really say anything (we were rushed through pretty quickly); just seeing them in person was awesome. But seriously, what do you say to the people who inspire you and have filled your life with so much laughter?

-My Moleskin notebook/bullet journal. I finally took the plunge (and by plunge I mean a little dip into a tiny puddle) and bought a Moleskin notebook and have started bullet journaling! Even though I'm horrible at actually keeping up with it, I've really been enjoying it and it's helpful to have a place to keep all of my thoughts and to do lists.

-Lady Gray Tea. I think I technically discovered this in October, but I didn't start really drinking it until this month. I like tea, but I'm very picky about what flavors I drink. I discovered this one and it's one of my favorites!

-Going through old photo's and video's. So I'm really bad about getting pictures and video's off of my camera's and when I do they usually end up in a folder marked as "To Be Sorted" and sit there for... forever. I finally started going through some of those folders from the last 3-ish years and have found some interesting things in there.

-Thanksgiving and Black Friday; can't skip over these two. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and Black Friday is always amazing. I got lot's of good deals this year, but my favorite was the Prismacolor markers I scored for $3 a piece. Now to learn how to use them properly...

-I finished NaNoWriMo (YAY!) with a word count of 52,172 words, but I failed my attempt at 70,000. I wasn't happy with my writing and it was a struggle just to hit 50k, but I'll probably try for 70k again next year.

-We "adopted" a new kitty! By adopted I mean we found her wandering around in our yard and got her to come inside and want to keep her for all eternity (she's so CUTE!). It was clear that she hadn't eaten well in a while and was/is very sick (some sort of eye infection and has a runny nose, and she was underfed). We've been taking care of her and she looks so much better then when we first found her. Still no sign of her actual owners, if she has any. Oh, and we named her Lady Shadow because she shadow's Kokopelli (our other cat, in case anyone doesn't know that) and the neighbor cat, and also because she black. And fluffy. So fluffy! And cute. Did I mention how cute she was?

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