Jan 16, 2017

Photo A Day | Week 2

I'm posting this a little late due to being sick the last two days, but I've still been posting my photo a day on Instagram. 

Back at the gym. I've started to really like going to the gym and I haven't been able to make it all week due to having no one to take me and being sick.

I've been waiting to get my ticket to Hamilton for a long time (around two years, since I first listened to the cast recording) and have kind of been stalking the ticket's at the Paramount. Subscription tickets went on sale on Monday, and because I wanted to be sure to get a ticket to the show, I subscribed for the first time and got tickets to all 7 shows in their 2017/18 season. Luckily 5 of the 7 were show's I've been wanting to see. I'm so excited, there's so many amazing shows!


As you know from my previous blog post, I've begun going semi minimalist. I went through my closet and purged out most of it and am now working on building my capsule wardrobe. I'll be writing up a blog post on this soon.

Not the greatest photo, I know. But the moon was so big Thursday morning and as the sun began to rise it began to lightly glow orange.

Alina, Daniel and I walked over to Fred Meyer's to pick up some snacks and ended up looking through some of the children's books. We found a few interesting one's, such as this one, The Book with No Pictures.

I'm producing (as well as DP and a few other jobs) a new short film with Alina for a film intensive we'll be going to next month. We're cramming it all in and praying that everyone is healthy for filming this weekend.

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