Feb 18, 2017

A Day at the Zoo | Daniel's Birthday 2016

I was going through pictures and video's from my camera and found pictures from Daniel's birthday back in August when we went to the zoo. I'm horrible at keeping all my pictures organized and actually remembering to edit them, but here they are, finally edited and sorted.

Jellyfish the the coolest. I could watch them float around for hours...

The most photogenic animal at the entire zoo... The crow.

Feb 15, 2017

A Taste of Spring

The weather finally decided to clear and we had a few sunny days this week. I like the winter because I like the rain, but after a while I get tired of the dull gray and begin to wish for a little color in my otherwise black and white life. The last couple of days we've had some beautiful golden afternoons, and yesterday Alina and I went for a walk around the neighborhood to practice our photography skills, but also to get a little exercise and vitamin D.

Unfortunately the sun has left again and we're back to our dreary gray skies now.